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Private Loan Agreement

Private Loan Agreement

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Have a solicitor help you put in place a loan agreement.  Get a written agreement that makes clear to everyone where they stand.

Purchase now and we'll get started by sending you a questionnaire through which we'll get a better understanding of what you need and by arranging some compliance checks for you.

Solicitor prepared

A fully qualified, experienced solicitor will draft your loan agreement for you helping you to avoid costly mistakes and legal jargon.

Your requirements included

Your loan contract will include the standard terms you'd expect to see. We will also tailor it to reflect your circumstances and any bespoke instructions you provide. We'll also make any changes you request.

Clear instructions on how to sign

We'll provide clear guidance on how to sign. This is important as the agreement's enforceability could be compromised if not properly signed.

"Smooth, quick and friendly service with everything explained for my need."

Gary F, Market Harborough

Please Note

The loan agreemegrent will be drafted to avoid it falling within the scope of the Financial Conduct Authority's consumer credit regime. This includes limitations on the amount of interest that can be charged under the loan agreement.

This service does not include registering the loan against property.

This service is not intended for use where a company is acting as either the borrower or lender. Instead, please look at our Commerical Loan Agreement Service.

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