Commercial Loan Agreement

Commercial Loan Agreement

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Have a solicitor help put in place a loan agreement for you.

Solicitor prepared, managed & registered

A fully qualified, experienced solicitor will draft your LPA for you. They will also oversee the process, ensuring it is completed smoothly and double check your LPA for any (costly) mistakes.

We will also register your LPA with the Office of the Public Guardian (if the LPA isn’t registered it will not be enforceable).

Your 'Instructions' & 'Preferences' included

Your LPA can include binding ‘instructions’ on how decisions should be made by your attorneys. They can also include guiding ‘preferences’. We’ll help you complete these sections so your wishes are included in your LPA.

20% discount on ‘mirror’ LPAs

Our fees are discounted by 20% where a second 'mirror' LPA is ordered.  Simply add this service twice to your 'online basket' when ordering.

Please Note

The registration fee of up to £82 per document is not included. You must live in England or Wales to use this service. You cannot use this service to create a Property & Financial Affairs LPA if you are bankrupt or subject to a debt relief order. This service does not include acting as your Certificate Provider (click here if you require this).

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