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Change of Company Name

Change of Company Name

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Take advantage of this quick and cost efficient service to change the name of your company in full compliance with the Companies Act 2006 and Companies House.  This service is overseen by a qualified solicitor and includes:

  1. The Companies House Fee;
  2. Drafting the necessary board minutes or written resolution of your sole director ;
  3. Drafting the necessary Members Written Resolution;
  4. Arranging the e-signature of the board minutes or director's written resolution by the relevant director;
  5. Arranging the e-signature of the Members Written Resolution by your shareholders;
  6. Filing the passed Members Written Resolution with Companies House;
  7. Completing Form NM01 with Companies House; and
  8. Providing you with access to the relevant signed documents for your company's records.


This process for changing your company's name is based on a number of assumptions about your company.  They apply to the vast majority of the clients who use this service, but please check through them anyway to make sure they fit your company as well:

  • Your company is a private limited company and is not publicly listed;
  • Your company's details at Companies House are up to date;
  • Your company has 20 or less shareholders with voting rights attaching to their shares;
  • All the directors of your Company agree with the change of name and will attend the necessary board meeting;
  • The quorum stated in your Company's articles of association does not exceed the number of directors currently in office;
  • All shares in your company with voting rights attaching to them have an equal voting weight to other shares with voting rights (i.e. ‘one share, one vote’).
  • Any other means of changing the name of your company (if any) provided for by the company's articles of association are not, or do not purport to be, to the exclusion of the process of changing your company’s name by special resolution; and
  • The articles of association of your company do not provide a different period to the default 28 days for shareholders to respond to a written resolution (as specified by the Companies Act 2006).
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