Qualified Solicitor

Have your ID verified and ID1 Form completed by an experienced solicitor registered in England and Wales and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

No Photo Needed

Unlike in person verifications, HMLR doesn't require a photo signed by the verifier when your identity is verified via video. Instead the Land Registry asks that a screenshot is taken and submitted with your ID verification forms. This means you don't need to get a photo taken if you book this service.

  • 1. Place your Order

    Follow this link to book your video call and make payment.

  • 2. Check Your email

    An email with a link to a questionnaire will be sent to you. Answer each question and submit the questionnaire. Terms of Business will also be sent via PandaDoc.

  • 3. Video Call & Completion

    We'll hold your video call via Zoom to check your ID. A qualified solicitor will then sign the forms and you'll be sent them by 1st class post to sign yourself.

"Brilliant, quick yet thorough, professional. But most of all NICE. I'll be coming back if I need advice or help again. Thank you"

Katie G, Tunbridge Wells


Do I need to send you a photo before the call?

No, there is no need to provide a photo.

As the ID verification will be online, a screenshot will be taken during the video call and appended to the forms. This screenshot takes the place of the photo required where the ID verification takes place ‘in person’.  As such, a photograph is not needed.

What documents do I need to provide? How do I send them to you?

You need to provide either a current valid full passport or a current UK, EU, Isle of Man or Channel Islands photocard driving licence (not a provisional licence).

You also need to provide a proof of address no more than three months old (such as a utility bill or bank statement).

After booking, you’ll be sent an online questionnaire through which you can upload a scan, photo or PDF of your documents.

I'm elderly and don't have a passport or drivers license. Can you help?

Unfortunately, we cannot undertake an ID verification remotely without having either a valid passport or drivers license. 

Though the HM Land Registry process allows for alternative forms of ID to be presented (e.g. a credit card and supporting statement), from a regulatory professional perspective we cannot accept
these and complete the ID verification remotely.

How do I join the Zoom call?

After booking your appointment you'll be sent a confirmation email that includes a link to the Zoom meeting and the details of the call.

At the time of the call, click on the link. You can join either through the Zoom app or through your web browser and either on desktop or mobile.

Enter any details requested (included in the confirmation email) and click 'join'.

Got another question? Drop me a message below and I'll get back to you.


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