Save Yourself the Hassle

This easy to use service takes the legal complexity out of changing your company's name. I will draft the documents, arrange their signature and notify Companies House. Let me handle the process for you and save yourself time and effort.

Arranged by a Solicitor

To give you peace of mind, your company name change will be managed by an experienced solicitor admitted in England and Wales and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

Competitive, Transparent Pricing

I know the process and that my clients need transparent pricing. That's why I'm happy to commit to a competitive and clear price of only £95.

  • 1. Place your order and fill in a questionnaire

    Once you've placed an order you'll be sent a link to complete a questionnaire. Through that you can provide ID documents for compliance and information about your company.

  • 2. ID checks, document drafting and e-signature

    Your board minutes and shareholder resolutions will then be drafted. These document will be sent to one of your directors and your shareholders respectively for e-signature.

  • 3. Notify Companies House

    Once signed, I'll send the shareholders resolution to Companies House and complete their forms. I'll then let you know that your limited company's name has been officially changed.


How long does it take?

This largely depends on you.

If you can submit the online questionnaire (sent to you after you order) and e-sign the relevant documents quickly after receiving the e-signature request, it should take 2-3 business days.

(It will also be influenced by Companies House's capacity, which can delay the process).

Why do I need a solicitor? Can’t I do it myself?

To change your company's name you need a set of board minutes and a shareholders resolution and must arrange their signature by the right stakeholders in your company. You'll also need to notify Companies House via their associated form and provide supporting evidence.

If you have a good understanding of corporate governance law and have the time and inclination, you can do all of the above yourself. However, if you want the reassurance of using a solicitor and want to save time, this service is for you.

How much does it cost to change my company’s name?

Companies House charges a fee of £8 to change your name, but you also need to meet certain corporate governance requirements under the Companies Act 2006 to do so. This can be expensive (even though the process is relatively straightforward).

I charge £95 for managing the process for you, including drafting board minutes and shareholder resolutions and arranging those documents' e-signature. (The £8 Companies House fee is also included in this price).

Are there any rules about what I can change my company's name to?

Yes, there are a few rules, but they are fairly straightforward.

  • Your name cannot be the same as another company’s name. If your name is too similar to another company’s or to a trade mark you may have to change it.
  • Your name must usually end in either ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’.
  • Your company name cannot be offensive (e.g. avoid swearwords).
  • Your name cannot contain a ‘sensitive’ word or expression, or suggest a connection with government or local authorities (unless you get permission).

For more information read's advice on the issue.