• Solicitor Drafted

    Your loan agreement will be drafted by a qualified solicitor, ensuring common mistakes are avoided and saving you from picking through the legal jargon.

  • Bespoke to You

    We’ll draft the loan agreement to include the key terms you would expect. We'll then send this to you for review and will make any changes as you request.

  • Clear & Concise

    The contract will set out the key terms of the loan agreement, but also use clear language and be to the point.  Everyone will be able to quickly see where they stand.  

"Brilliant, quick yet thorough, professional. But most of all NICE. I'll be coming back if I need advice or help again. Thank you"

Katie G, Tunbridge Wells

Our Pricing

We'll draft your loan agreement including all the key terms you'd expect to see, tailored to your circumstances.


✔ Solicitor prepared Loan Agreement

✔Revisions as needed

✔ Clear instructions on how to sign

  • Purchase & fill in some details

    Once you've placed an order we'll send you an online questionnaire. Your responses will be used to draft your loan agreement. We'll also ask for ID documents for compliance purposes.

  • Preparation & Review

    Your loan agreement will then be prepared and sent to you to review. We can make changes if you want us to (though most clients don't require this).

  • Signature

    Once you're happy with the loan contract, you can sign it. We'll provide guidance on how to sign as necessary.

Making a loan to your business?

If you are making a loan to a company as a shareholder or a director our 'Commercial Loan Agreement' Service may be more appropriate to your needs. Click here to read more.