Get certainty and the peace of mind that comes with an LPA

Having an expertly prepared and properly registered LPA means that if needed those that know you best will be empowered to make the right decisions for you.

Decide who should make the big decisions if you cannot

Appoint trusted friends and family as your attorneys. If you don’t, the Courts may have to step in (at considerable cost) and guess what is best.

Have your voice heard

LPAs not only appoint attorneys, but also can record your instructions and preferences.

Save your loved ones from the upset and stress

LPAs set out how decisions can be taken. Having that clarity can ease the burden for friends and family at otherwise stressful moments.

"Brilliant, quick yet thorough, professional. But most of all NICE. I'll be coming back if I need advice or help again. Thank you"

Katie G, Tunbridge Wells

  • Place your order & fill in a questionnaire

    Once you've placed an order you'll be sent a link to complete a questionnaire. Through that you can provide the information needed to draft your LPA and provide ID documents for compliance purposes.

  • LPA preparation & signature

    Your LPA will then be prepared and sent to you and your witness, certificate provider* and attorneys to sign. This can be a complicated process, so clear guidance and support will be provided at the time.

  • Registration

    Your Power of Attorney must be registered with the the Office of the Public Guardian. You can do this yourself or ask us to.

*You'll need a ‘certificate provider’ to sign your LPA. This can't be a family member, business associate or someone connected with a care home you live in. If you need us to act as the 'certificate provider' we will contact you to arrange a Zoom call to talk over the LPA with you, in addition to the above.

Avoid complexity and mistakes - have a solicitor manage your LPA for you.

Benefit from our expertise in preparing and managing lasting powers of attorney. Once we've prepared your LPA, we will talk you through signing it and have it registered. We can act as the certificate provider if required.

  • Health and Welfare LPA

    A Health and Welfare LPA deals with decisions about day-to-day matters, your health care and where you live.

    We can:

    • draft the LPA for you
    • walk you through signing it
    • act as the 'Certificate Provider'
    • register it with the Office of the Public Guardian.
  • Property and Financial Affairs LPA

    A Property and Financial Affairs LPA relates to things like banking, investments, settling bill and selling or buying property (e.g. your home).

    Again, we can:

    • draft the LPA for you
    • walk you through signing it
    • act as the 'Certificate Provider'
    • register it with the Office of the Public Guardian.
  • Both LPA Types

    It's common for people creating an LPA to cover both types of LPA at the same time. We are happy to do so for you (and offer a considerable discount if you do).

Arrange your Lasting Power of Attorney Today

We’ll use our expertise to prepare and professionally manage your LPA, giving you the peace of mind that it is in hand and in order.

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